United Auto Recovery leads the pack with cutting edge, real-time repossession software in ALL of our trucks and industry leading LPR technology.

Direct Repossessions

The Nation’s Largest Direct Recovery Footprint

With a history dating back to 1973 and 42 branches throughout our extensive recovery footprint we KNOW how to recover vehicles fast and efficiently.

Nationwide Repos

Through an extensive affiliate network comprised of only the best repossession companies in the country, we are able to handle all of your nationwide repossession needs.

What Our Clients Say

Since partnering with UADR and Stream, this group continues to exceed expectations on all levels. The rigor with the network they manage and willingness to be a “true” partner in this business demonstrate that they are best in class.  Our brand is our #1 priority and this group strives to protect it.

Kudos to them for moving the industry in the right direction.

We have seen excellent results in our recovery percentages as well as our days to repossess from UAR.

We can always count on United to take on our most challenging repossession assignments while continuing to provide great results and are able to meet our high standards of customer service.

When urgent matters arise, United Auto Recovery’s response time is immediate and swift.  They hold their agents accountable and act in our best interest

United Auto Recovery’s use of iRepo technology makes the communication process seamless.  Our updates are always timely and detailed.  We always know in real time what is going on with our accounts.